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Grass Fed

NO antibiotics. NO growth hormones

We love our sheep and we give them the best life possible. Although it may be more work and time-consuming, our flock of sheep gets moved frequently during the growing season to new pastures, allowing for a diversity of plant life in their diet. This keeps them healthy, happy, and stress-free. They get fat on grass, not grain, the way nature intended. Grass-fed meat can also have higher vitamin content as well as cancer-fighting antioxidants! 


Life Is Precious

From birth to processing our sheep are always treated with respect and reverence. We strive to minimize the stress on our animals.


Why Our Lamb

Rotating our animals is not only better for them, it also helps increase soil life, reduces weeds, keeps plants from being overgrazed, and allows the diversity we want to regenerate the land! When an animal grazes they take the top off of the plant first and before they re-graze the plants, we move them to a new area to eat, leaving the plants trampled and topped. The plant roots then die back and leave behind root matter for the soil microbes to feast on which then breaks down leaving organic matter and minerals in the soil. The trampled and uneaten grass provides a canopy, keeping the soil covered which helps retain moisture and creates a habitat for both soil microbes and beneficial insects.


Our Selection

One of the oldest sheep breeds in the world is considered a delicacy compared to other sheep breeds!

For the best value, buy a whole lamb cut and packaged for only $6 per hanging pound plus the butcher fee. The average hanging weight is 50 lbs. 

Want a specific cut of lamb? Stay tuned for what we have available.

Pre-order to ensure your future food supply and gain some food security.

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